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This chart shows your productivity during the select range. Productivity is calculated with this formula:
(Time*RescueTime's Productivity Score)/3600.
This means that if you do 60 minutes with 100 as Productivity Score your productivity will be 100 too, but if you do only 30 minutes with 100 Productivity Score your productivity will be 50!
You can think at blue line as the thing you got done.
If show dates is checked instead of points you will be able to see date and time for individual dots but the trend line may not be available.

Trendline degree (linear-50)

This chart shows your average productivity during a day. To calculate the points the productivity as been grouped by hour and then averaged. For the productivity is used the same formula as above.

This chart shows your average productivity and the total time spent for each hour in the selected period. If there is a big gap between the line and the bars this means that for that specific point your RescueTime's productivity pulse where high

These charts are the same as the two above but are grouped by days of week instead of by hour.

Top 50 activities

This chart simply show your top activities for the select range. Bar's color is based on RescueTime's colors.

Top x activities. x=

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